Customs Brokerage & Clearance

Having an experienced team, not only means we can get your product promptly Customs Cleared through the customs but also helps ensure the accuracy of the information we lodge on your behalf.

As all of our Customs Brokers are on site in Kampala and the region affiliates, their personal knowledge of your product and your company’s unique requirements enables us to deliver a service that few of our rivals can match.

Cargo forwarding & Value Added Services

In the Uganda market, Lagoon Holdings are second to none when it comes to experience, and professionalism providing services and support above and beyond just clearing your product through customs.

We have a specialist brokerage section at Lagoon Holdings, that uniquely analyses legal ways in which your duty and cost burden is a true reflection of the law regime. The accuracy and compliance of entries is more crucial than ever. The experience size and dedication of the Lagoon Holdings Brokerage team offers our clients the greatest opportunity to not only keep costs down but have the highest level of compliance.

In addition we can provide assistance with:

  • Banking Documentation
  • Export Documentation (Commercial Invoices etc.)
  • Export Grants
  • Packing
  • Transportation – Delivery – Inter and Intra State
  • Drawback Applications
  • Export Declarations
  • Advice on The Harmonised and Legal Tariff Advices
  • Advice on the Tariff Concession Order System
  • Advice on Import Licensing
  • Advice on Bounties and Export Development Grants
  • Customs Valuation / Valuation Advice
  • Advice on Anti Dumping Procedures
  • Bonded Warehouse requirements and services
  • Review of Customs decisions and representation in disputes
  • Documentary Drawback advice and services
  • Door-to-door landed costings.

Additionally, whether it be for products coming into Uganda, or destined for overseas, Lagoon Holdings leading Customs Brokerage department is only too willing to assist, with research and development on Uganda and East Africa / Global duty rates, GST / VAT, or local legal Import and Export requirements.


If your warehousing and distribution is draining your resources and distracting your focus from your core key activities instead of adding real value to your business, why not look at outsourcing with Lagoon Holdings and its partners?

  • Warehousing & Distribution, planning development and implementation
  • Inventory Control
  • Pick, Pack and Dispatch

Project Management

Customs Agency Services has established professional expertise and experience to project-manage movement of large, diverse, or unusual materials between diverse regional locations.

Whether it is heavy lift or large indivisible cargo, total transfer of all components of plant or other equipment, or the coordinated movements of large quantities of raw, semi-finished or finished materials… Lagoon Holdings can handle it.

  1. Pre-tender proposals can outline the freight task involved, make preliminary choices of sailings, flights, charters, packaging, and decide the requirements for work to continue with the least disruption around the move.
  2. Tender provides a firm offer for complete movement from existing to new site, customs clearance and detailed proposals for movement, including surveys of capacities of all infrastructure utilised.
  3. Contracted detailed discussions with all parties and technical negotiations with carriers.

Trade Advice

With over affiliated offices, Globally, Lagoon Holdings has the contacts and resources to give you the edge over your competitors.

Lagoon Holdings can provide value added services from overseas Customs Duties, regulations and procedures, to warehousing and distribution, and everything in between!  Transit times, freight costings, duty drawbacks etc.

When you are looking at sourcing new products, or selling into new markets, take advantage of Lagoon Holdings’s expertise in making any new venture, a profitable and positive experience for both YOU and YOUR customers.